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by admin on September 8, 2009

Small Business Internet Marketing

Small business internet marketing can be a great way for any small business owner to increase their market share locally. People search local and search engines like Google continuously strive to connect searchers with information, services and products more efficiently on the local level.

The days of the yellow pages have come and gone as it is not only cheaper to market ones business online but the results can be outstanding. These days with half the money a yellow page advertisement costs a small business owner can dominate their local niche market in a matter of a few months.

There isn’t only one way to do so. There are many forms of internet marketing that could beneficial for a small business. As a small business marketing consultant myself I recommend many different types of marketing techniques all of which though are with search engines.

My clients have enjoyed 50% to 100% increase in their sales in only a few months and the results keep getting better in time. When I consult a small business owner with regards to their marketing campaign online I always recommend a search engine optimization strategy.

My experience in the field of online marketing has shown that the best way to achieve the greatest results is to simply rank higher in the search engine result pages. Of course there are other ways to market ones small business online and I encourage my clients to pursue these ways, but a marketing strategy without a comprehensive search engine optimization plan is in my opinion a limited one.

Search Engine Optimization For Small Business

Search engine optimization is the process of enhancing ones website so that it is visible to search engines. In other words, making sure that a website is indexed by a search engine properly so that it appears in specific search results. For example, if a roofing contractor in Toronto, desires to get more work then it is imperative that their website appears in searches that relate to his service. In other words if the company website ranks for the company name will not really help them get new clients. If on the other hand their website ranks in a high position for the search “Roofing Toronto” then is almost certain that their website will receive highly relevant traffic. When someone is looking for a roofing contractor and search for “Roofing Toronto” they will come across the company’s site. Learn more about small business internet marketing, read more posts from the blog.

Search engine optimization is where a small business should invest first. It is the first step to a fruitful internet marketing strategy.

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